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Real Estate in the Thousand Islands and Thousand Island Park, New York - Selling the architecture of the Thousand Islands region with expertise, enthusiasm and professionalism. Trude Fitelson is an expert with the same interests as her clients. They have a common love for quality homes with character.

1000 Islands Summer Rentals

Rentals in the Thousand Islands and Thousand Island Park, New York - Assisting summer guests and homeowners to ensure quality rentals.

About Thousand Island Park
Roger K. Lewis, a practicing architect and a professor emeritus of architecture at the University of Maryland, wrote an article in The Washington Post about the Thousand Island Park. Click here to read the article.

The Wellesley Hotel and Restaurant resides in the center of Thousand Island Park, a private resort community on the St. Lawrence River.

Surf The Thousand Island Park Yacht Club website to learn more about boating activities on the park or view a complete listing of boating courses and events.

Visit The online Thousand Island Park Magazine to learn more about this beautiful region.

Click on to admire the most beautiful pictures of the Thousand Islands taken by the fabulous Canadian photographer, Ian Corstine.

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Clayton Palisades Rock Baie Road McRae Point, Grindstone Island Dalton Lane - Clayton Wellesley Island Chalet Bluff Island, Clayton, NY Colins Landing 424 United States Ave. 1522 Prospect Point 46 Ontario Avenue 317 Dominion Street 347 Central Avenue Quebec Head Road