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Thousand Island Park
Wellesley Island
New York 13692

Select Sothebys

421 Riverside Drive
Clayton, NY 13624

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Trude B Fitelson Selling the Architecture of the Thousand Islands

Working in the Thousand Islands region, Trude has developed a special understanding of this unique area, known throughout the country as the "Venice of the East". From the quaint Victorian community of Thousand Island Park to the architecturally important turn of the century waterfront estates to the island cottages that dot the mighty St Lawrence River, Trude has developed a keen sense of the charm of personalities found at the "river".

Trude Fitelson has the expertise, experience and appreciation necessary to understand a property's "true" market value. Trude knows that a home is not merely an investment. Homeowners have more than a financial interest in their properties, they also have an emotional one.
"No sale is complete unless there exists a mutual understanding between the buyer and the seller. Through my experience and appreciation, I help both sides successfully connect."

Trude's office, Select Sotheby's Realty, is Thousand Island Park, a National Register Historic District on Wellesley Island. Trude's mission is to deliver quality, not quantity.

  • Trustee, Landmark Society of Western New York
  • Emeritus Director and Founder, Thousand Island Park Landmark Society
  • Preservation Board Advisor, Thousand Island Park, New York
  • Past Board, Thousand Islands Land Trust
  • Member, Preservation League of New York State
  • Member, National Trust of Historic Preservation
  • Restoration Consultant, Village of Clayton and Thousand Island Park
  • Coauthor Thousand Island Park Preservation Code
  • Trained in grant writing and performed National Registrar survey work for Thousand Island Park, a historic district of 345 cottages and public buildings in Thousand Island Park, New York
  • Owner of Interior Design business for ten years
  • Past President, Alumni Association, Allendale/Columbia School
  • Past Board, Rochester Environmental Commission
  • Member, Save the River, Thousand Islands environmental group
  • Neighboring zoning activist
  • Owner/designer Cobbs Hill knitwear
  • Zenith Award Real Estate
  • Sales Master Award Real Estate
  • Patron, Clayton Opera House
  • Friend, Antique Boat Museum, Clayton, New York